• I Cried Too™

    The official bereavement gift for the children who lost a mom or dad on 9-11 and in the U.S. Military

    • Nearly 10,000 packets have been donated and delivered to children since 9-11 thanks to corporate and individual sponsors. FedEx was the official shipping donor for 10 years.
    • The I Cried Too™ book and packet is based upon the true story of one family's experiences in losing their own husband and father.
    • I Cried Too™ was created in April of 2000 as a grief recovery project for children.
    • I Cried Too™ endeavors to bring hope and healing to anyone who has experienced a tragedy.

    I Cried Too™ features an illustrated children’s book, cd, and companion plush bunny creatively designed to bring the reader through the valley of healing onto the horizon of hope. The I Cried Too™ set is the perfect gift for any child. Everyone who has experienced tragedy will embrace I Cried Too™.


    The loss of a loved one can change the course of a child's life. With the comfort, reassurance, hope and healing that come from programs like I Cried Too™, America's children can be happy again. Please consider DONATING to help purchase a project for a child who has lost a mom or dad in the U.S. Military. Shipments go out each month as needed. All donations are tax-deductible.

  • About

    Jim and Sheila Schmidt and their family

    Jim & Sheila Schmidt, along with their children Blake & Fiona, are the authors and illustrators of the I Cried Too™ children's book and spokespersons for the I Cried Too™ public service campaign. Jim is president and founder of Put On Your Armor™, a non-profit foundation dedicated to "armoring" children with love against drugs, crime and violence. Jim and Sheila were married in June of 1997 and in addition to Blake and Fiona (Sheila's children with her late husband, Aaron) had a daughter, Sofia. A short time later the family wrote I Cried Too™ based on the true story of how Sheila's first husband died. The story is told through the eyes of a bunny rabbit (named Abundance) who witnessed the tragedy and finds hope in learning that the accident is not its fault and that it is possible to be happy again.

    "Armadillo Jim" and Sheila Schmidt served as Master of Ceremonies for the first Christmas party for children who lost a mom or dad on 9-11. The family and dozens of volunteers made three trips to reach the children in New York City and Washington DC. Originally introduced as a children's book under the same title, I Cried Too™ provides resources and tools for children who suffer the devastating effects of losing a parent or loved one. Coordination and collaboration with numerous agencies whose missions complement the goals of I Cried Too™ and Put On Your Armor™, is in the forefront of reaching children. Simply stated: I Cried Too™ is the Gift of Love to America's Children!

    No salaries or wages are paid to anyone at I Cried Too™ and the all-volunteer Put On Your Armor™ Foundation. All gifts are tax-deductible. Please consider 4029983472 today!

    A BIG thank you to all of our volunteers, past and present!
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    I Cried Too™, The Gift of Love to America's Children!

    The official bereavement gift for the children who lost a mom or dad on 9-11 and in the U.S. Military I Cried Too™ bereavement gift for children

    I Cried Too Products

    No salaries or wages are paid to anyone at I Cried Too™ and the all-volunteer Put On Your Armor™ Foundation.

    Please consider donating to help us help children!

    All gifts are tax-deductible.

    Hear the story & download the steel-faced for your loved one
    Listen to the Merry Christmas From Heaven© song

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    A not-for-profit, all volunteer charitable organization recognized by the IRS for tax-deductibe contibutions. Your 9039539818 will help a child today!